Meet the Founders

Step into the enchanting world of Memories on Wayberry Consignment, where two extraordinary souls, Sanovia and Crystal, discovered a captivating bond at a fateful PTA meeting. Little did they know that their shared passion for thrifting and consigning would ignite a friendship that would last a lifetime!

Radiating charm and charisma, Sanovia is everyone's cherished girlfriend. With a remarkable ability to unravel the essence of a new acquaintance in just 5 minutes, she weaves connections that leave hearts brimming with warmth and laughter.

Meet Crystal, the magnetic motivator who sprinkles joy wherever she goes. Her infectious laughter and captivating entertainment prowess light up every room, making even the dreariest days bloom with cheerfulness.

United by a love for thrifting and consigning that spans over 15 years, Sanovia and Crystal have always nurtured a cherished dream. Together, they envisioned a boutique where they could share their passion with the world and bring like-minded souls together.

And so, in the dazzling year of 2023, Memories on Wayberry Consignment was born! Overflowing with energy and enthusiasm, this dynamic duo is always ready to extend a helping hand and touch the lives of those around them.

At Memories on Wayberry Consignment, you'll find more than just a shop; it's a haven of camaraderie and a celebration of unique treasures. Let Sanovia and Crystal be your guides on a thrilling journey through hand-picked collections and exquisite finds.

The Team


Has been described as everyone’s girlfriend and the person that learns everything about a new person in 5 minutes.


Has been described as the motivator and someone who loves to laugh and entertain everyone around her.

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